September 2013

All of my friends can attest that I love Palm Springs, California.  I love the dry heat, the desert, the people and their laid back attitude, I love how gay-friendly a town it is and I adore all of the mid century modern architecture.   Most of all, I love the date palms that are grown there; not just because they’re beautiful, but because of their amazing fruit! Dates aren’t just deliciously sweet, they’re also quite healthy.  Dates are loaded with a great mix of vitamins and essential minerals like vitamins A and B-6, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper.  They also have anti-oxidants and loads of fiber.  It’s no wonder these delicious gems have a thousands of years long history in the Middle East and the Indus Valley.  There is archaeological evidence that date cultivation was happening in Eastern Arabia as far back as 6,000 years ago. I love eating

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No yeast and no rising are required for our Cheesy Beer Bread. The beer does all the work for you. Just a few minutes to prep, less than an hour to bake and you have your own fresly made bread.

At the outset of any discussion about veganism and the health benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet, I feel compelled to declare an allegiance.  This is not said with intent to place labels or alienate anyone.  Rather, it’s an attempt to clarify my position because I find myself wearing two different hats when it comes to advocating for veganism and for a plant based diet. I came to veganism long after becoming a physician.  In fact, nothing I learned in my medical education ever discussed veganism or vegetarianism other than to warn us of the dangers that vegetarians can encounter if their diet is imbalanced.  To be fair, much has changed since then.  Today, medical schools are increasingly incorporating education about plant-based diets into their nutritional education curriculum.  I learned what I know about the healthful effects of a plant-based, whole foods diet after I made the decision to

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Ethan and I were fortunate enough to attend the world premier of Speciesism The Movie in New York City last week. This fantastic documentary follows writer, director and star of the film, Mark Devries’ journey from what began as an investigation into PETA and their activist campaigns to an exploration of factory farming in the United States. When Devries first encounters the term, “speciesism” it changes the thrust of his search to a journey of understanding and ultimate awakening. Simply put, speciesism is a belief system that assigns different values, rights, or special considerations to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership. Specifically, speciesism is an assumption of human superiority. Throughout the film, Devries attempts to understand the rationale human beings use to justify their consumption of animal products.  While watching Devries’ exploration I couldn’t help but see the parallels between speciesism and homophobia. Both of these concepts

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Our barley stew is a great meal to fill you up on cool nights. Simple ingredients combine to make a nutritious stew that is packed with flavor. This is a great make ahead dish that only gets better as it sits.

Welcome to Vegan Mos! We’re so excited to be starting this blog. Preparing delicious food has been an integral part of both of our lives. When we first met in 2004, our mutual love for cooking and baking was a common ground on which we instantly connected. Since going vegan this connection has expanded and deepened vastly. Initially, we enjoyed the challenge (and still do) of taking old non-vegan recipes and veganizing them. As time went on, we opened our palates to foods we’d never known and we now enjoy a greater variety of foods than either of us ever did as omnivores. It has been a pure joy learning to cook and bake on a plant-based diet and we’re excited to share this joy and our recipes with you. So put on an apron and let’s get cookin’!