May 2015

If you are reading this, then you’re likely someone who cares about animal rights, veganism, human rights, and LGBTQ rights… you’re “our people”! We want to invite you to a special event where you get to celebrate all of the above in a fabulous setting. Take a look at our video invitation And please RSVP as soon as you can as┬áspace is very limited!!!! xo, Michael & Ethan “The Vegan Mos”

Black quinoa with its naturally smoky taste was a natural choice for our Southwestern Quinoa. We add in a little heat and extra smokiness to kick it up.

On my walk to the park with my dogs this morning, I was in a great mood. The sun was shining, the sky was crystal clear blue and the church bells were ringing. It was a picturesque early morning in Brooklyn. Then, out of nowhere, it came. A flatbed truck, open on the sides so you could see the dozens and dozens of crates stacked on top of each other. In each of these crates, 5 to 6 chickens were crammed in, completely unable to move. They were squawking, clearly terrified and obviously in pain. The stench was overwhelming. It was clear that they were urinating and defecating on top of each other as there was nowhere for them to move. Obviously I know that this happens, but it was totally out of context for me to see such an image in the middle of my residential urban neighborhood where, sadly,

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May 18, 2015

Teff Love

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In Teff Love, Kittee Berns demystifies Ethiopian cooking and teaches you how to make delicious food with ease.

Radishes with Garlic and White Wine may become your new favorite snack.

Cheesecake Bars

Victoria Moran’s newest book, The Good Karma Diet, will feed your soul with wisdom and your belly with wonderful food.

May 1, 2015

Black Bean Pie

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Our Black Bean Pie is a cross between nachos and lasagna.