September 2015

Forget about frozen, you can make your own French Bread Pizza in less time than it takes to cook a frozen one. It will taste so much better, too.

Vegan Ease, the new cookbook by Laura Theodore, shows how anyone can easily and economically create delectable vegan meals that will be enjoyed by omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Crisp fried soy curls and a sweet glaze make our Mongolian Soy Curls a better version of PF Changs famous dish.

Julie and Jay Hasson created Julie’s Original Gluten Free baking mixes because they know how much time and money is involved in gluten-free baking, not to mention all of the trial and error, as well as tracking down dozens of specialty flours. They’ve done all the hard work for us! With these mixes we can do what Julie and Jay like to call “modern scratch baking.”

We love to throw parties. Not just because we’re gay and it’s a fabulous thing to do. We particularly love to have people over to enjoy our outdoor terrace which was something we never expected to have when looking for an apartment in Brooklyn.  It has views of the Williamsburg rooftops and the NYC skyline and it’s a great place to be outdoors, above the city noise and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat while watching the sun set over the city that never sleeps. In our video (below) you’ll learn all about the party and how you can get a ticket.  Space is VERY limited and it’s going to sell out super fast! Better grab yours right now!     Here is the direct link to buy tickets. We hope to see you on October 10!

When I found myself approaching getting hangry, I did a quick check of our refrigerator contents and threw together a quick and easy Barbecue Chick’n Quesadilla.

3 Brothers Vegan Cafe is Long Island’s first and only 100% vegan restaurant. This addition to the 3 Brother’s Pizza Cafe chain is run by the amazing vegan chef Jay Astafa. If you want great Italian food, that just happens to be vegan, you need to check it out. What really makes 3 Brothers Vegan Cafe extraordinary is that they make their vegan cheeses including fresh cashew mozzarella, cashew milk cheddar, cashew parmesan, macadamia feta, cashew tofu ricotta, and cashew bleu cheese. Having homemade vegan cheese really sets 3 Brothers apart from all other Italian restaurants that offer vegan options.