This page is a resource guide for anyone interested in learning more about animal rights and veganism. Because there is so much information available online, it seems wiser to share what is already out there. These are some of our favorite sources on the various issues. We hope you’ll take the time to check out these links and take some time to explore their websites as well. Taking the time to learn the facts will help you better understand the issues and will make you a stronger animal rights advocate. As new resources become available we will update this list and post them here.


Factory Farming

Best selling novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals was one of the more powerful books in Ethan’s transition from vegetarian to vegan.

Two of the most comprehensive online reviews of how Factory Farming affects different animals can be found;

here on Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s website and,  here on Compassion in World Farming’s website.


Environmental Issues


Hands down, the most comprehensive, concise and direct information available today about the environmental impact of our food choices is found in the film Cowspiracy. You can get some of the highlighted facts here.


Animals Used for Clothing

There is a good overview on the various clothing products made from animals on PETA’s website.


Animals used for Entertainment

One of our favorite organizations, Our Hen House, has a great review on this topic. They also have comprehensive reviews of all of the other topics listed here.


Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) (of which Ethan is a physician member) is a leader in the getting out the word on the scientifically proven health benefits of a vegan diet.


Animals Used for Research and Scientific Experimentation

PCRM also has been leading the fight against using animals in scientific research. A great review can be found here.

Dr. Ray Greek, MD has written a comprehensive reviews on How to Argue against Vivisection in the 21st Century