In her latest cookbook, Veganize It!, Robin Robertson shows us how to easily make vegan versions of non-vegan food.

Candle 79 located on Manhattan’s upper east side has been the standard bearer for vegan fine dining for over 13 years.

In his new book, Vegan Mexico, Soul-Satisfying Regional Recipes from Tamales to Tostadas, Jason Wyrick takes us on a culinary journey throughout Mexico, opens our palates to the amazing array of flavors that are found here, and shows us how to bring those flavors to our plates. Vegan Mexico is more than a cookbook in the sense of a collection of recipes, it’s a study of the cuisine of a country.

As soon as we heard that the new restaurant from Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Modern Love Brooklyn, was accepting reservations for it’s grand opening, we jumped online and got a table. Modern Love is not to be missed and has brought serious competition to the New York City vegan restaurant scene.

August 31, 2016

Fare Well

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Located on NE H Street, Fare Well is the new “veggie-centric comfort food” diner, bakery and bar brought created by the founder of DC’s famous Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats, Doron Petersan.

Vegan Bowl Attack is the new cookbook by the founder of Vegan Yack Attack, Jackie Sobon and it is fantastic!

Thanks to Leinana Two Moons’ book, Baconish, vegans now have the perfect reply to anyone who says, “mmm, bacon” or “but bacon?!?”.

Ethan and I were approached by Sunwarrior to see if we would be interested in trying their Sunwarrior Protein Powder. While we don’t often use protein powders, we do occasionally like them. We like to use protein powders when we know we are going to have a long gap between meals, like before a road trip, and want to make sure we have a good store of protein and essential nutrients to keep us going until we can eat a meal.

If you are looking for an inexpensive city to visit with great vegan food, look no further than Mexico City.

When Michael and I heard about the new vegan egg by the amazing folks at Follow Your Heart, we simply had to get it. When I went vegan six years ago this week, my last non-vegan food hold-outs were cow’s milk in my coffee and chickens’ eggs. It’s been six years and I have to say, I haven’t really missed them at all. But when I tried the vegan egg, it brought back something I had long since given up. We decided to do it live this morning on Periscope (Twitter’s live video feed) and it was…. well, see for yourselves: Consider this: The average cost of a carton of 12 chickens’ eggs in the US is currently $1.87 and each egg has nearly 200 mg of cholesterol. The maximum recommended daily allowance for dietary cholesterol is a max of 300 mg per day. That means, in less than one and

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