Sweet sundried tomatoes, creamy marinated tofu and crunchy pine nuts combine for a wonderful mix of tastes and textures in this kale salad.

These Veggie Rolls are a twist on Japanese hand rolls. We use ribbons of zucchini and yellow squash in place of nori. These make wonderful hors d’oeuvres for a summertime party.

Our vegan Spanakopita Pinwheels, filled with spinach and tofu feta, bring the great taste of everyone’s favorite Greek treat to your plate.

June 3, 2015

Sorta Feta Tofu

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While not a exact copy of feta, our Sorta Feta Tofu is reminiscent of the much loved greek cheese. It is great in salads or on an antipasto plate.

For a quick trip to the tropics without leaving your house, try our Tropical Smoothie.

Our Tomato Zucchini Fritatta is perfect for brunch and a great way to use some of the wonderful fresh vegetables available during the summer.

Our lasagna rolls are a great twist on an Italian classic. Make individual servings all in one pan.

Tofu and peppers combine in a rich sauce in our vegan take on the classic Italian cacciatore.

During the summer, I like to grill as often as possible.  In fact, when I am a t barbecue, I am often appointed grill master for the evening and take over all grilling duties.  When I became vegan, I didn’t think I would be grilling again, aside from vegetables anyway.  But I loved my grill and I was not giving it up. I just needed to figure out what to grill.  Tofu was a logical thing to try. It just needed a good marinade. I got some tofu, put in into my teriyaki marinade and voila!  Success.  My days of grilling were far from over.  This recipe will even get the “I don’t like tofu” people to love tofu. The longer you let this marinate, the better. You want the flavors really getting into the tofu. Prep Time: 10 miuntes, plus at least 1 hour to marinade Cooking Time: 8

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Tofu scrambles are one of those things that we wildly differ on and our difference has it’s origins back in our pre-vegan days.  Tofu scrambles are the original vegan response to scrambles eggs and omelettes.  Ethan used to like his eggs firmer while Michael only liked them softer.  It’s no wonder that most tofu scrambles do not work for Michael, as he only likes them made with silken tofu.  Ethan, on the other hand, will order a tofu scramble over pancakes, French toast or any other breakfast item, that’s how much he likes them. It’s taken Ethan years of refining, adding and subtracting various ingredients to get this recipe just right but he finally struck gold.   This is a savory tofu scramble so serve it with your favorite vegan breakfast sausages, with toast or on a bagel.  This scramble goes well with just about any breakfast item you might

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