This easy vegetable soup is one of the quickest and easiest recipes I have ever made.

Our Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash is colorful and packed with fall flavors.

This Asian Slaw is a great twist on traditional Cole Slaw. Serve it as a side dish with at a barbeque or add in some tofu for a light summertime meal.

This Black Bean and Corn Salad is easy to make and great when you need a quick meal.

If you are looking for something “different” for breakfast, our Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash might be just what you want.

Our Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Potatoes are a cross between Shepherd’s Pie and Potato Skins. They are a great twist on two classic recipes.

Already made brown rice stir fried with some marinated tofu, assorted veggies and seasonings come together to make a quick, easy and delicious Fried Rice.

Thick cauliflower steaks are battered, baked, and coated in buffalo wing sauce for our Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwiches. You can use any extra florets to make cauliflower buffalo bites too. Make the sandwiches large for a meal or small sliders for a snack.

Our lentils in tomato sauce is a great dish on its own, but you can also use them the jazz up a baked potato, in place of regular sauce on pasta, or even over rice.

Fried Artichokes were one of Michael’s favorite bar snacks when he was in law school. He recently decided to try making them at home and they were even better than he remembered. With a simple beer batter, these are ready in minutes. Try them the next time you need an hors d’oeuvre or snack.