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Ethan made this quick video for his mother to show her how easy it is to make Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Candle 79 located on Manhattan’s upper east side has been the standard bearer for vegan fine dining for over 13 years.

Ethan veganized his family’s Cholent with Helzel recipe and now we can enjoy one of his favorite childhood dishes anytime we want. This hearty, slow cooked stew is truly good old-fashioned Jewish comfort food.

Kaporos is not a Mitzvah like fasting on Yom Kippur. Kaporos is a ritual, a custom. Customs can and do change. For the overwhelming majority of Jews in the world, this custom has long since evolved past its gratuitous animal cruelty roots.

CH-CH-CH-Chia! Just one ounce (roughly 2 tablespoons) of chia seeds hits your recommended daily allowance of a lot of important things, such as 17% of the RDA of calcium, 23% of the RDA of magnesium, 12% of the RDA of iron, 5 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber! Ethan’s been playing around with chia seeds and has come up with great ways of eating them.

I had the opportunity to attend the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine‘s Leadership Summit last weekend in Washington DC. It was a great opportunity to get updated about the many ongoing initiatives they are undertaking at PCRM. I thought it might be nice to share some of the highlights as they are really making huge advances in a number of different areas. My weekend started off attending the opening celebration for the Barnard Medical Center. The vision of the Physician’s Committee President and Founder, Dr. Neal Barnard, the Barnard Medical Center is a state of the art medical facility in Washington D.C. where patients can come to see one of the many board certified physicians who take an approach to health and wellness that emphasizes prevention and nutrition. They are already changing many lives, helping their patients treat and reverse diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other serious

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When Michael and I heard about the new vegan egg by the amazing folks at Follow Your Heart, we simply had to get it. When I went vegan six years ago this week, my last non-vegan food hold-outs were cow’s milk in my coffee and chickens’ eggs. It’s been six years and I have to say, I haven’t really missed them at all. But when I tried the vegan egg, it brought back something I had long since given up. We decided to do it live this morning on Periscope (Twitter’s live video feed) and it was…. well, see for yourselves: Consider this: The average cost of a carton of 12 chickens’ eggs in the US is currently $1.87 and each egg has nearly 200 mg of cholesterol. The maximum recommended daily allowance for dietary cholesterol is a max of 300 mg per day. That means, in less than one and

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My friend Jill, who is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know, told me yesterday over lunch that today is National Kindness Day. In her words, “Every day ought to be National Kindness Day” and I couldn’t agree more.

November 2, 2015


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We were so excited that a new vegan burger joint was opening up in New York City. Knowing that we were headed out of town a few days after their opening, the suspense would have been too much to wait until we were back from vacation. So, last Friday, we headed out on their second day to try their offerings for lunch. Bunked in with The Hummus and Pita Company on Broadway between 11th and 12th streets, V Burger’s menu states that they donate 10% of their proceeds to Mercy for Animals. How awesome! We felt sure we were off to a great start! The menu is inviting; multiple burger and sandwich options and all the sides you’d ever want with that burger. We opted to try as many items as possible. We ordered the slider combo, allowing us to mix and match and try more than just one burger.

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Today, The Supreme Court of the United States issued its ruling in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, effectively making marriage equality the law of the land. As someone who came out in the early 1990’s, the reality of today’s ruling was something I always hoped for, but never allowed myself to expect. It’s been quite a struggle for us to gain this equal right. Because of the litany of so-called “Defense of Marriage” Amendments to various states’ Constitutions, it often seemed more likely than not, that marriage equality would exist for some, but not all Americans. Nine years ago, marriage equality was not available to Michael and me in New York. We had to travel to Canada to be legally married. While we are forever grateful to our progressive neighbor to the north for affording us this right, it still stings that we had to leave our home, our country, to secure this basic

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