If you are looking for something “different” for breakfast, our Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash might be just what you want.

Think of our Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins as a cross between twice baked potatoes and potato skins. They make a great appetizer before a meal or serve with a salad as an entree.

Our Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Potatoes are a cross between Shepherd’s Pie and Potato Skins. They are a great twist on two classic recipes.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadillas are a great lunch or afternoon snack. They are easy to make and who doesn’t like food you can eat with your hands?

Crispy on the outside and filled with vegan cheese and vegan bacony bits, our Potato Skins will be the hit of your next gameday party!

Our Sweet Potato Pie Martini uses the syrup from canned yams to make a drinkable version of a holiday favorite. Garnish it with a toasted vegan marshmallow for the full sweet potato pie effect.

August 27, 2015


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Poutine is the fancy way of saying french fries with gravy and cheese. We can thank our friends in Canada for creating this amazing fast food.

March 9, 2015


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Our Colcannon combines mashed potatoes with kale, shallots, leeks and liquid smoke. One taste and plain old mashed potatoes will a thing of the past. This is a great side dish to accompany almost any meal.

Tater tots + nachos = tater tot-chos!

Combine the crispiness of a french fry and the creaminess of a baked potato and you get our take on the classic baked potato. You can load them with toppings and seasonings to go with any meal. You may never go back to regular baked potatoes again.