Our Bailey’s French Toast turns a breakfast classic into a dessert sensation. However, if you want to have it for breakfast we are cool with that. In fact, invite us over.

Our Barbecue Soy Curl Pizzia is a vegan version of the Barbecue Chicken Pizza from a well know national pizza chain.

Our Welsh Rarebit is a vegan version of the Irish Pub staple that Michael loved in his pre-vegan days. Grilled bread topped with cheese sauce, yes please!

If you’re making dinner for yourself and want garlic bread, but don’t want to make an entire loaf, our Tomato Garlic Toast is the perfect solution.

Forget about frozen, you can make your own French Bread Pizza in less time than it takes to cook a frozen one. It will taste so much better, too.

Warm biscuits whether smothered in gravy or smeared with vegan butter are a delicious addition to any meal.

Our Hard Cider Bread is a variation on our Cheesy Beer Bread. We replaced the beer with hard cider and added in some fall flavors to celebrate the season. Enjoy it with a glass of apple cider or a mug of our hot spiced cider. It’s the perfect cross between a cinnamon sugar donut and bread.

Pizza and beer were made for each other. This bread combines them into one. No time waiting for dough to rise, the beer takes care of that for you. Just a few minutes to prepare and then right into the oven.

Showcase fresh summer strawberries with our easy strawberry shortcake recipe. Juicy berries, sweet biscuits and whipped coconut cream. Yes please!!!

Ribollita literally translates to “reboiled.” Like much Tuscan cuisine, the soup has its origins as a peasant food. It was made by reheating the previous day’s soup and adding in stale bread to thicken it and give it a more stew-like consistency.