August 18, 2014

Avgolemono Soup

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Our vegan verson of the classic Greek Chicken and Rice Soup is beter than the traditional verson. Tender chunks of seitan and rice fill the rich lemony broth. One bowl and you will feel like you are watching a sunset in Santorini.

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Our Tomato Zucchini Fritatta is perfect for brunch and a great way to use some of the wonderful fresh vegetables available during the summer.

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Get ready for a new take on gazpacho. Our Watermelon Gazpacho will change what you thought you knew about soup. It’s cool and freshreshing for hot days.

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Our lasagna rolls are a great twist on an Italian classic. Make individual servings all in one pan.


Tofu and peppers combine in a rich sauce in our vegan take on the classic Italian cacciatore.

The incomparable Gena Hamshaw has graciously given us a copy of her fantastic first book, Choosing Raw to raffle.  We are saying first, because we know there will be more coming.  We are huge fans of Gena’s and this book is just an extension of her awesomeness.  Ethan first met Gena years ago thanks to the magic of twitter.  Their virtual friendship grew over the years and finally one day, when all the stars aligned, we were finally able to meet in person at The Seed in 2013.  We have kept in touch with one another and were even able to find time to go to dinner together where she and I bonded over our love for Tzatziki.  We are so happy to have her back in New York so that we can see her more often. But back to her book… All the recipes in Gena’s book are easy to follow

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Our strawberry balsamic ice cream combines the sweetness of strawberries with the savoriness of balsamic for a true flavor festival.

July 28, 2014

Vedge of Glory

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After months of waiting, we finally made it to Vegde Restaurant in Philadephila. The wait was worth it.

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No campfire needed for our s’more cookie bars. Top a layer of cookie dough with chocolate and marshmallows and then add more dough on top for a pan full of goodness.

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We combine the flavors of waffles, bacon and maple syrup in our Maple Bacon Ice Cream. Think of it as bunch in a bowl. Now you can have ice cream for breakfast.

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